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End of 2006, China led wholesale report that at least 60% of the cars are equipped with LED type CHMSL. The benefits include faster lighting speed, higher efficiency and longer working life, and, a very thin flat red LED array also has the design / ease of installation. LED in less than 1ms of time to reach full illumination (the traditional bulbs to up to 200ms of time to generate its maximum brightness), so that the driver of the vehicle rear brake light recognition time will be greatly reduced, thereby reducing the probability of occurrence of rear-end collisions.
Moreover, compared with incandescent bulbs, power consumption also fell as much as 80%, and ultimately played a fuel consumption saving effect. Their effective use period will easily exceed the life of the vehicle, thus eliminating the need for replacement. In addition CHMSL addition, some cars and motorcycles are still the main brake lights using Buy LED G4 Light replace incandescent.
To achieve this High quality led G4 light to maximize the performance and working life, you should be able to use a braking system needed to drive these red LED string suitable LED driver, which is essential. Linear Technology's LT3486 is designed for such automotive applications developed. LT3486 is a dual step-up DC / DC converter (Figure 2), designed to operate from a 12V to 14V automotive bus at a constant current to drive up to 16 LED (each converter drive 8 in series LED) and design. Means in series with LED provides identical LED currents resulting in uniform LED brightness. When needed, two independent converters also capable of driving asymmetric LED strings.
Dimming of the two LED strings can CTRL pin through their individually controlled. By combining a PWM signal is fed to the respective PWM pin, an internal PWM dimming system allows dimming range extended to up to 1000:1. LT3486's operating frequency is set by an external resistor from 200 kHz to 2MHz range. A low 200mV feedback voltage (2% accuracy) minimizes the current setting resistor in the power loss, to improve efficiency. Additional features include LED disconnect the output voltage limit. LT3486 offers a very compact footprint solution, and a space-saving 16-pin DFN (5mmx3mmx0.75mm) package or a 16-pin thermally enhanced TSSOP package.

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